How We Build

Our goal is to help our customers better understand the building process. The more interaction there is between the builder and the customer, the easier the building process becomes. We strongly encourage our customers to visit the construction site as often as possible as well as any potential customers. We believe the best time to take a look at a contractors work is before the house is finished so that you can really see the quality that you are receiving.

Below you will find pictures with descriptions of the various stages of the building process. If you have any questions please feel free to give us a call or fill out our contact sheet.

Disclaimer: the pictures and comments herein are not intended to indicate any specific method of construction or building code is applicable to any specific project or location.

Customer Testimonials

The building experience that my wife and I had with Grande Maison was fantastic. You always hear the horror stories of building a house and the stress it can put you through. We experienced none of that.” -Mike Sunderman; Wellington, Ohio

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